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          How’s Linlong
          Linlong is an aggregation of developing, producing and selling. It has over 200 experienced employees, including management of more than 30 people and 20 R&D staff. Some of the R&D staff we hired is top figures in Chinese welding industry. It specializes in producing Electric Welder series both in transformer and inverter and all kinds of components of welding machine. It has four production lines special for welding machine, The production capacity more than 1000 sets welding machine per day.It also have a special workshop to make the PC board for any kind of welder designed by our engineers according to the order of any special customer. It also produces Power Cable and Cable Plug, Diving Pump Connection series, Electric Pump Float Ball series, Connection series. To improve the quality and enforce the com- petition in markets, all products are assembled with quality-tested equipments. Some items have won certifications of honor. Such as, Welders have been got CE, ETL, cETLus and TUV and Fittings of the welders ---- Welding Torches have been titled TUV, Float Balls have received S and Cables and Plugs have gained CCC and VDE certificates. Linlong has self-supporting right of export and import. The products have been exported to many areas, such as, Europe, America, Middle-east, Southeast Asia. We have also built steady and long-term trade relationship with clients at home and abroad.
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